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 Appeal A Ban?

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PostSubject: Ban Appeal   Thu Oct 31, 2013 3:22 am

Date of Ban: Monday 28 October aprox 02:30 am (Netherlands GMT+1)

Ok so let me explain the situation:
I had already been playing on the server for about a good 5 hours that day.
GER ATZE and AB Sniperlilly were there all the time including some other guys.
We had decided we wanted to do some Sniper/Knife with a bunch of people and AB Sniperlilly said he was going to leave next round.
And all others still on the server had agreed on playing Sniper/Knife for a while.

So what happened, another AB admin joined (I don't remember his name, and I don't want to) and I fired a sniper shot at him (and missed) then I saw his nametag and noticed he was an admin, so I switched to knife and I killed him.
Which resulted in him kicking me and calling me a moron and an asswipe and a n00b and I can't read and etc etc.
So I rejoined and I told him knife only, come at me for a 1 vs 1 and the next moment I got a perma ban.

I think this is pretty ridiculous, obviously an admin who can't control his emotions. He comes in and starts kicking and banning and 1 hour later the server was dead. Even though we were very active before I got banned.

I really like the AB server, and I visit it everyday! So I would really like to have that ban remove.
Obviously this situation got out of hand and there was no reason to ban me.
I only fired 1 shot on him, and I missed that shot, after he kicked me warning me that it's knife only on this server I didn't come back shooting, I stuck to the rules but that couldn't stop him from banning me.

I hope we can resolve this situation now.

NickD89 (which is also my ingame name)
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**AB** England_Fighter

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PostSubject: Appeal A Ban?   Sun Oct 09, 2011 12:03 pm

Talk in here to appeal a ban from our server!
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Appeal A Ban?
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